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Hello! Welcome! Thank you for taking the time out to visit my site!

What I want for this site is to be able to engage with everyone on every fitness level! What I thought I would do first off is introduce myself & share a little bit of my story with you.

Lets start right at the beginning…Growing up I was always quite active and loved playing sports, after a couple of bad injuries, the pressures of year 12 & moving to Bathurst for my first year of university, that’s where my healthy and active habits started to slip & I started to venture down the slippery slope which would ultimately leave me 65kgs heavier than where I am today.

In my first year of Uni, I noticed I was putting on weight as I had no activities which would force me to exercise or be active (like school sports use to). Being in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend during university it wasn’t until an offhand comment during an argument where he told me to lose some weight. This remark sticks with me even up until today.

Following the argument, I weighed myself and topping almost 135kgs I was shocked. How did I let it get to this? I didn’t see myself as a big person, I never sat and binged on chocolates or lollies, but what I didn’t recognise the small things which contributed to my overall weight gain. It was a downwards spiral which was a combination of unhealthy food choices, partying, not being active, having an unhealthy relationship with food with no understanding of portion sizes, no commitment, consistency and no motivation to even start.

Following that, I joined a gym, wrote myself out a food plan by reading and researching different diets and set my goal to lose 5kgs. I said to myself I’d be happy if I lost 5kgs so I set out to achieve it! I was a very nervous gym goer, I wasn’t as buff or as fit as the others in the gym so I opted to hide in spin classes, body pump & other Les Mills classes.

I lost my first 5kgs in about 3 weeks and I thought “if I can do that in 3 weeks imagine what I can achieve in another 3 weeks” so I stuck with it, setting small realistic goals which I continue to set to this day!

It wasn’t until I was watching an episode of Biggest Loser with my parents where I watched the contestants weigh in for the first time and there was a female contestant who weighed in at 120kgs. That’s when it hit home to me, thinking to myself “Wow she’s lighter than I was when I first started and she is on a tv show about how overweight she is” – it was a bittersweet moment, I was proud of myself for setting off on this journey alone, I was also battling with the idea of how big I was and how much more determined I was to make this weight loss a permanent thing.

There are so many highs and lows, regardless of what your journey is, or will be. I know that I will continue to experience highs and lows, even now there are days where I look in the mirror and still see the 135kg Hayley.

Some of my highs I have experienced are obviously the huge weight loss milestones like when I hit the 10kg, 20kg & 50kg weight loss goals they were huge moments for me. I taught myself early on to not reward myself with food but instead every time I achieved my goal I had set myself I would buy some new activewear or runners which would then motivate me for the next goal I set out to achieve. I remember the feeling of seeing someone who I hadn’t seen in a while and their face when they saw me or the comments that they made, they were a high moment (even though I am the most awkward compliment-taker)!

Some of my other highs in my journey are being asked to represent a brand such an amazing brand like Muscle Republic. I am and have always thought of myself as a normal girl with a normal job and to be able to represent brands such as ASN and Muscle Republic is such an honour because I can be living proof that you can be in a normal job, you don’t need to be in the fitness industry to change or transform your life. I still pinch myself now being able to represent Muscle Republic at the Fitness Expo isn’t something I ever dreamed of.

On the other end of the scale are some of my lows which I have never talked too much about – to anyone. I remember multiple times I would sit and cry in a changeroom when nothing that I tried on would fit me. I was in denial, I just got angry at the store for making inaccurate sizing when I was just trying to blame someone else for my weight gain. I remember going on holiday to Thailand and I wanted to take these amazing photos with the amazing scenery, but after seeing the first few photos of me in a bikini, safe to say the rest of the photos from the trip were just of the surroundings and activities. Over the 3 years that I was overweight I always spotted or overheard people whispering and laughing behind my back, which made me even more self-conscious and anti-social. Even six months ago I found myself looking and deleting photos of the last three years because there are days that it makes me upset to admit who I was back then.

Most days that I have now, are good days and I am proud of what I went through and am happy to talk about the state that my body was in, in the bid to inspire and help others, like me 4 years ago – but the down days are still there it’s a slow journey of learning to acknowledge them and a continual reminder that I am always going to be a work in progress. A journey is a journey – there is no end date.

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