An open letter to my body

Recently I have been thinking about my journey, what I have learnt, what I wish I could do differently, and reflecting on what has made me the person I am today. I have written the below as an ode to my body, showing appreciation for what it has gone through, the promises I am making, and most importantly how incredibly grateful I am for the body I have. I would love for you to share this with ANYONE who needs to hear this, someone going through their own weightless journey, a young person who is confused about what advice to take in this oversaturated industry or simply someone who needs to hear it from someone who has ‘been there, done that’.


Here is the open letter to my body;


To my home. To the only place I have to live my whole life.

Thank you for your patience – patience when I thought diet pills would work, patience when I replaced meals with shakes, patience when I deprived you of food – in the bid to look like people I admired on social media.

I promise to never starve myself when I’m feeling negative about my body. I promise to reward my body for all that it does by fuelling it with the right food and not punishing it when I enjoy the foods I love.

I promise to always be working on the best version of myself, mentally and physically. I promise to never make a number on a scale my goal, I promise to only set realistic goals for my body and my mind. 

I promise to exercise with the only objective of feeling incredible and celebrating what my body is truely capable of. 

I promise to never aim to look like someone else, I promise to always be me – and love every aspect of it, flaws and all. 

Thank you for each year I get older, older and more aware of how blessed I am for the body I have.

Thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me, with the most important one being that consistency will alway win.

You’ve taught me to be patient, to listen to you when I’m not feeling myself and that the only problem I have with my body is how my mind sees it. 


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