All programs, eBooks & blog posts have been written and created by myself & my partner Nathan. Below is a little bit about us!

Hayley Westoby

I currently work full time in the Advertising and Marketing industry. Having had this career since leaving university, I pride myself on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle whilst working a full-time job! I understand that sometimes you can’t commit to double daily gym sessions, and eating chicken and broccoli everyday. I understand that you might have commitments that take priority such as family, work, study as well as a wealth of other things. I have noticed that there is nothing currently available that focuses on fitness over aesthetics, and nothing that caters for the everyday athlete, looking to transform their life, permanently – not just for a 4 week, 8 week or 12 week plan.

I have transformed myself over 4 years to lose a total of 65kgs, and I completely understand the struggles with getting started, staying motivated & setting realistic and achievable goals – I want to help as many people as I can get FIT, stay FIT and enjoy being FIT. NO restrictive diets, NO gym sessions that last hours on end and NO focus on kilos & calories. Just a realistic approach to living your best life.

Nathan Lai

Nathan Lai a full time personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for NRL team Sydney Roosters and has developed a reputation for providing programs and training routines to his clients which cater to their needs. A trainer to former world number 1 jockey James McDonald and current number 1 jockey Hugh Bowman, trainer to channel 9 TV personality Cameron Williams and former iron woman Candice Warner as well as a wealth of others.

Nathan has overcome a number of major injuries including shoulder, knee & lower back surgeries and knows first hand how to accommodate rehab into your training schedule.

All injuries aside Nathan is still competing at the highest level, representing Australia for 13 years in OzTag, representing South Sydney NRL for two years & NSW track and field for 8 years.

Nathan believes that you should practice what you preach, with a lot of trainers not taking their own advice or leading by example. Nathan lives and breathes a fit and active life, instilling in every client that there is an enormous difference between training hard, and training smart. There is no shortcut, nothing will work unless you do.

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